gongoozler book love

Jane, the Fox, and Me


Fanny Britt & Isabelle Arsenault

translators: Christelle Morelli & Susan Ouriou

Turned onto graphic and art novels by David Small's memoir Stitches, my obsession has only grown in the year or so since.  This summer I stumbled upon many new wonderful titles and Jane, the Fox, and Me is the latest object of my gongoozling.

Making every word count, making every illustration emote, Britt and Arsenault deliver a powerful story.  I heart this gorgeous book and hope to see more from these two, as a duo or separately, I'm not picky.  Here are a few useful links if you'd like a longer look-see:


Things change.  They ebb, flow, grow, shrink.  They shift.  With every step, with every breath, things take on a new shape, and if we're paying attention, we can get caught up in the shape-shifting and feel everything as new.  Different.  Fresh.  Somehow this is where I found myself this summer, observing subtle moments when I could feel my world revolving.  Evolving.  So, I grabbed hold and unfolded into the shifts and now, today, I find myself here at the storm row studio blog, welcoming readers.

So what's it all about?

Since 2011, I've been expressing myself online.  First with my art site, gongoozler art, and then with a wellness and creativity blog called small yellow songbird.  In 2012, I built a second blog as a writing home base for my independently published YA novel, wildflowers.  The r mccormack writes blog has grown with me.  Until this summer.  When the artist-me and the writer-me and the creative-me converged, tangled and knotted.  I could no longer deny they needed one, simple place to reside together, and so, storm row studio shifted into view.

You can learn the history of the name on the herstory page.  As for my writing projects and art, it's all here together.  In the near future I'll phase out r mccormack writes, though all its posts have been imported here, and the gongoozler art website, replacing it with an Etsy shop.  Small yellow songbird has already been taken off-line, but elements of my wellness journey will show up here. Mostly because I've experienced first-hand how connected our creative lives are to our general well-being.  With that said, it's fair to say creative expression is what this new blog is all about and I plan to heap loads of it into my posts.  Here's a preview:

the drawer of wonders - showcasing inspiration through collected vignettes

on the worktablein the typewriterat the easel - sharing what's new in the studio

gongoozler book & art love - hollering about beautiful books, gorgeous art, and their gifted makers

re:Vision - an offering of useful tips for revising and editing

creative cheerleading - posts with lovely quotes to lift and boost

And now I'm off.  To make art with words and illustrations.  Thank you for stopping by and having a look around.  I hope you check in again soon, as things are ever-shifting.