It began with this: two typewriter keys, artistically altered, found in a Seattle street market while on vacation. I passed them to my friend, noting the profound message. Storm? Row! She'd been looking for some daily inspiration while she traversed life's choppier waters and she bought the keys. I didn't think about or see the keys again until years later. I'd come upon my own heavy weather, and in the midst of it, a package arrived. Seeing that I needed reminding of the valuable combination of courage + steady, patient focus, my vintage friend surprised me with them. Just keep rowing. 

And I did. And I do. And here I am.

I make art, in the form of novels and mixed media paintings. In my not-so-big workshop, I spend my time drafting manuscripts for submission and creating art pieces for sale. My recent past includes a five-year art showcase at homeology, a green home interiors boutique in Scottsdale, Arizona, and an independently published YA novel, wildflowers, which has met a nice bit of attention and good reviews. It could be said that my writing is for teens and young adults. That's true and I write for anyone who likes stories about sorting out the world's mysteries and triumphs.

Currently, I'm excited about typography, book cover art, and combining my words and pictures in illustrated novels, where art gets tucked between structured chapters. In the end, with all I create, I aim to find the lovely freshness and pretty otherness. Then it's just a matter of plopping them in the boat and rowing toward the light.