Begin whatever calls to you.

If you get quiet, and turn your thoughts inward and listen closely you can hear

a small voice calling you.
Follow that voice.

Sark, Living Juicy

Today is the first day of Spring.
Storm Row Studio wishes you space 
for new beginnings. 


celebrate international women's day

girls in twos

girls in rough draft

girls in jackets

girls on skates

girls make a racket

two little girls in water and sand

two grown girls from another land

girls wrote the book I'm reading now

some girls kiss - it's no big wow

girls have brains

girls make messes

girls do girl things

and wear dresses.

Whether one or two or four, celebrate girls and women more.


"Every time 
I thought 
I was being 
something good, 
I was actually 
re-directed to
something better."
Steve Maraboli