hillary: i saw you

The worst thing happened and the next day she walked quietly, gracefully out of sight.

It devastated me, what she’d lost. I was a woman too. I had ambitions too. I, too, have been misunderstood.

She's smarter, more worldly than me and she’s faced bigger obstacles in pursuit of accomplishment. So it must’ve hurt. A lot. Especially when she knew every trick in the old boys club and could beat them at their game and change the rules. 

For the good of all.

If we let her.

But we didn’t.

And a month later my sadness, my madness, continues. I should've called everyone, knocked on every door. I should've invited each and every person I know to my blog where I posted art and writing about the good life and work of Hillary.

But I didn't.

And now we're in trouble. And I don't know what to do or say. Except this...

Dear Women in My Life,

I am you. You are me. We are us. Old, young, in great health or just fair, with wealth or struggling, college degree or not. We have children, or we don’t. We’re married, divorced, widowed. Straight, lesbian, bi. Born female or transitioning. With religion or atheist. Or somewhere in-between. In any event, we are women. We. Are. Us.

So, when a large chunk of gals shrug their shoulders, apathetic or annoyed, and decide not to vote and when 53% of white women decide to cast a ballot for the most divisive, elite, dangerous, corrupt group in the history of our country, I must ask, did you think of me when you made your voting decision? Because I thought of you.

I thought of your pain. Your hurt. Your struggle and sacrifice. I thought of your past, your future, your dreams and goals. I thought of your fears. I thought of you and refused to fall for propaganda parading as fake news and the persistent lies and made-for-television drama from the Republican side. I read. I researched. I learned the facts from long-time credible sources. I thought of you, and all the women like you, who have been bullied or punished for being smart, motivated, interesting, success-seeking. Like Hillary. I thought about equality and equity and how you're worth investing in and deserve of a fair shake. And because I have no reason to exaggerate or mislead you, I won't mince words... Without Hillary in the White House, it was less likely that you'd get the prosperous, joyful life you're after, so I thought of you and voted blue. Because when you do well, I do well. We are us.

Now, if you're one of those who didn't vote for Hillary and I'm hurting your feelings, making you mad, or you think I'm full of shit, I understand. But please remember, we are stronger together. And if we keep to the trail she was blazing, it'll be for the good of us. For the good of all.

So, a favor...

More than ever before women must resist the urge to look the other way. We must not say we're too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed. We must, in fact, make a decent and noble sacrifice and get involved in politics. Politics of women, by women, for women. We can't waste any (wo)manpower. Because it's going to take every one of us to stand up and speak out in the name of what's truthful and right and good. We have to talk to each other, our Congressional representatives. We have to make phone calls, write letters, sign petitions. We have to cast a wide net with our democratic efforts. Yes, democratic. Women need to be tough, persistent Democrats. It's our only hope. Sincerely. Truly. And if we come together, women of all colors and kinds, if we embody The Gender Gap, women will change the economy, the environment. Politics. Culture. Women will change the world.

In peace and love,


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