As a writer, I never back away from the edge, the truth, or everyday courage.  The storm or the rowing.  For me, the characters always arrive stuck in a row boat with bad weather hovering.  My job is to get them to shore.

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In the three years since Keifer and Abi Michaels were evacuated from their home, the world has been ever-changing, and they don't agree on the details of the past.  But when Keifer uncovers a confusing family secret, Abi is his only ally.  Now they must sneak into the Restricted Zone and navigate a maze of clues in order to unravel the truth.  The journey will transform them...and the entire western landscape.

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When the death of a friend pushes Penny's sister Julie into reckless choices, the whole family becomes stuck in a sad silence.  And with summer coming, with more time at home with Julie, Penny's determined to find an escape where life rolls on, loud and happy.  Still, it isn't until she ends up at Mission Skate Rink's uncool daytime session that she realizes she can't hide, and with the help of some unexpected friends, she's sent on body-twirling, wheel-spinning, heart-healing quest to change her own grief into hope.